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A blogger and her mirror! 

Hi there,

I decided to buy a full length mirror since I didn’t have one (can you believe it) to take pictures in my outfits. I think my family is sick of me asking them to take pictures!  They have been more than helpful. So I started thinking of where to put the mirror,  I didn’t want to see a mess of stuff behind it. I carried it around my house and it is quite heavy. Do I put it in my bedroom, the Dining Room or Family Room? I see other bloggers have them and everything looks so well organized behind them.  I ended up just having a plain background for now. I will figure it out this weekend!

I found a place to put the mirror, then I had to think about how I’m going to hold my phone. What angle is best? Do I just show the outfit, do I include my face, how is the lighting, how do I hold the phone, things you don’t normally think of.  I give credit to bloggers who make it look so easy! I’m sure at one point they all went though this.  Listed below is the outfit I am wearing in this picture. I took a few pictures to show you.

My outfit is white jeans which is a staple for the spring and summer and a gingham off the shoulder top. These tops are very popular this year.  I topped it off with my Addias sneakers to make it a casual look.


Shop my outfit:

White Jeans link:  White Jeans

Gingham off the shoulder top link: Top

Adidas sneakers: Sneakers

Hope you enjoy them!

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