Ten summer beach essentials

Ten summer beach essentials

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Hi all,
Now that summer is in full swing there are some essential items that I like to bring to the beach with me that I’m going to share with you. 
First is a good coverup. They are great if you are at the beach or the pool when you have a bathing suit on. They can be stylish and comfortable. There are so many styles to choose from. I like them because you can just throw it over your bathing suit and go. 


Second is a bathing suit. The styles are endless. There are bikinis, tankinis, triangle tops, halter, bandeau, underwire and one pieces. Whatever you feel comfortable in. I prefer a one piece or tankini. 

Third is a good pair of sunglasses. They are a must to keep your eyes safe from the UV rays but they can be stylish too! I like Ray Bans but there are many other different brands, styles and colors.

Forth is a beach bag. You want one big enough to carry all your essentials to the beach or pool. They really do make some cute ones! 

Fifth is a cute hat to protect your head and face! There are fedoras, wide brim hats and baseball caps. 

Sixth is sandels. You don’t want to burn your precious feet! The sand can get really hot in the summer. I have burnt mine a few times on those hot summer days!! 
Seventh is suntan lotion. We need a lot of protection from the UV rays! I try and use 50 SPF.

Eight is water. We all have to keep hydrated! The swell water bottle keeps water cool for hours!! It’s a great investment. You could also bring a cooler for water bottles. Just drink lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated.
Nine is a beach towel. There all different shapes and sizes. The round towels are all the rage!

Ten is a great book to read! Below are a few good ones for this summer. 
Photo credits: Pinterest 
I have some of these items posted on my Pinterest page, if you would like more infomation about them. 
Most of all have a great time at the beach!! Hopefully these tips help make packing easier for your trip to the beach! 
Have a great summer. 😊

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