What type of nails do you prefer?

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Hi there,
I don’t know about anyone else but lately getting my nails done has been a hassle. There are so many ways to get them done and styled. I have had gel manicures, acrylic manicures, just gel nail polish, ANC (which is the dipped powder), regular nail polish, artificial, UV gel nails, nail stickers and the list goes on! I just switched from gel nail polish to ANC powder and back to gel nail polish. My nails are so weak and brittle. I thought about taking a break from the polish. I’m sure it would help, I just like having them done.
Today I went to the salon and had UV gel and gel nail polish put on. I’m hoping it lasts. I can usually get 2 to 3 weeks out of the gel nail polish. I have tried many salons in my area, I just haven’t found the right one. My nails have been chipping and cracking and it is frustrating when you spend your hard earned money and it doesn’t last!
This is the UV gel manicure with gel nail polish I got done today!

This is the ANC powder nail polish I had done for New Years Eve! It did last 3 weeks until it grew out.
I would love to hear from you with your experience getting your nails done and how long does it last?

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