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Stitch Fix Influencer

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you use my affiliate link, I may receive a small commission.

Hi there,

I wanted to share my exciting news that last month I became a Stitch Fix influencer!! What that means is that I will be promoting Stitch Fix. I do love Stitch Fix already and have been using for almost 4, yes 4 years!!

Basically what Stitch Fix is an online styling service personalized to your style and budget. You get 5 total items of clothes, shoes and accessories. You can keep all items and get 25% off your total or keep a few items and get $20 (your styling fee) off your total. Anything you don’t keep you can return in the prepaid envelope. You get 3 days from when you receive your items to decide to keep them or return them. I usually always keep at least one item.

They have recently expanded the sizes and are now carry men’s clothing and maternity as well!!

Every month I will show you what items that I have received in the box, how I wear them and what I decided to keep or send back. It is a great concept and service.

Here are a few examples of clothing I have received in the past. I have listed the style card and a picture of myself wearing the item. I love how the style card shows you different options on how to wear the clothing.

I hope you enjoy my posts and stick around for more to come!! Here is my referral link:  Stitch Fix link to give it a try! Please let me know what you think about it.


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