Stitch Fix review December 2017

Stitch Fix review December 2017

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Hi there,
I can’t believe the holidays are almost upon us. This year flew by. This is my last box for this year, it’s my 47th box! I’m totally hooked, can’t you tell!
For those who do not know what Stitch Fix is, it is a monthly subscription mail order for clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. You get 5 items in each box. You set up your personal profile and customize it to your liking. It’s like Christmas in a box every month!! I can’t wait for that brown box to arrive with the Stitch Fix tape on it. I get an email that it shipped out and I track it when it should arrive. Usually in 3 days or less.
Once it arrives, I open the box and get a price sheet with the description of each item. I also get a card which shows each item I received, how to wear it and a personal note from my stylist.
Here is an example of the styling card.

Let’s get into what I received and how I styled it.
The first item is by Samantha Dru, it’s the Cheliz velvet knit sweatshirt. This has to be the softest sweatshirt I ever owned. It’s such a pretty shade of grey. You can’t go wrong with this sweatshirt. I wore it out and about doing errands and it kept me so warm. Look at the picture, I spy a little eye!! I just noticed my daughters eye in the picture on the left side!! 😂

Kept: how could I not keep this amazing sweatshirt!! Love, love, love it!

The second item I received was by Teeberry & Weave, it’s the Juliah plaid back pullover. It’s comfortable and you can pair it with jeans, dress pants or even a skirt. Here is the front which is solid black and the back which has the print. Oh and you can see our laser lights through my curtain for Christmas!

Returned: Although it is a cute top, I had a similar one. If I didn’t have one, I would have kept it.

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The third item I received is by TrulyPoppy, it’s the Pam mesh detail lace dress. This dress is really adorable but it didn’t fit. You can request a bigger size, if this ever happens to you! Stitch Fix will see if they have it and send it to you. I did not take a picture in it. I liked the lace detail and mesh netting on the top. It’s a great dress for a holiday party or to wear at work. Throw a cardigan over it if you get chilly! It could be worn in the spring and summer too. This is an all season dress.

Returned: It didn’t fit! 


The fourth item is by B Collection by Bobeau, it’s the Jaime open lapel cardigan. I really liked this cardigan. The Olive green color is very pretty. It’s a soft and cozy cardigan. I paired it with jeans but you could wear it with dressy pants too.

Returned: I have a similar one.

The last item I received was by Madison & Lola, it’s the Devyn faux fur-lined faux suede vest. So this was a really tough decision. This vest is soft, lightweight and my favorite color blue! I have to watch my budget this month especially with the holidays around the corner. So sadly I returned it. 😥

Returned: I may request this in a future box.

img_2045 Overall it was a great fix. I kept 1/5. If you decide not to keep all the items, you can return them for free with the enclosed envelope that is prepaid. It’s so easy to do or you can keep all items and receive 25% off your total.
The holidays are coming why not give a gift card to a loved one. They can buy a cute piece or try it out for the first time. Here is the link: Stitch Fix gift card link.
I hope you enjoyed this review. Give Stitch Fix a try, you won’t be disappointed!
Sue 😉

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  1. Katie Tabor

    I keep telling myself I’m going to try this service when I go awhile without being pregnant LOL. I’ll need a whole new wardrobe soon enough

    1. sweetstylingsue

      You should try it! You would love it. They do have maternity too!!

  2. haleyfitrd

    Great reviews! I get stitch fix too and love it!

  3. Feira

    OMG I love your review of stitch fix! 😍 I’ve always been curious about this particular subscription box. Good job!

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