Stitch Fix review August 2018

Stitch Fix review August 2018

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This month is asked my stylist to send me affordable pieces, so I can show all of you that anyone can afford to use Stitch Fix! I have been using them for about 5 years now. If I really thought it wasn’t a good service, I would not promote it. I like to be truthful to my viewers. I became an affiliate with them last year, that’s how much I enjoy their products. I myself usually sign up for the $50-$100 range, I have not been disappointed. I wanted to see the quality of the pieces at the lower price point this month so I changed my settings in my profile to show the cheaper the better! My stylist sent me some cute pieces this month. She knew I wanted to be stylish but at a lower price point and she delivered.
I want to explain to you what Stitch Fix is if you don’t know already and then I will get into what I received. If you know all about it then you can scroll down and get into the review!
Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription mail order for clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. You get 5 items in each box. You set up your personal profile and customize it to your liking. It’s like Christmas in a box every month!! I can’t wait for that brown box to arrive with the Stitch Fix tape on it. I get an email that it shipped out and I track it when it should arrive. Usually in 3 days or less.
Once it arrives, I open the box and get a price sheet with the description of each item. I also get a card which shows each item I received, how to wear it and a personal note from my stylist.
Listed below is the style card I received for this fix. Now let’s get into what I received.

Kaileigh- Valette cold shoulder blouse $38 
Kan Can- Annalise distressed frayed hem cuffed skinny $58
I actually have been looking for a lemon printed top and I got one this month. I didn’t even mention it to my stylist, so I got lucky! I kept this top, I just love it. The distressed jeans are stretchy and comfy. They were a little to tight for me so I would have to go up a size. I never tried this brand before but I like it!

Papermoon- Bonney keyhole halter blouse $38
When I first saw this top I thought the print was so pretty. It fit like a charm. I’m not one for halter tops but if I was it would be a keeper. It was so light and it flared out at the bottom. I paired it with white jeans that I previously owned. There are so many ways you could style this top with jeans, skirt or dress pants. It’s so versatile.

Kaileigh- Lexy knit jumpsuit $58
Wow, what a great price for a jumpsuit! The material is so comfy and it flowed nicely. Since I am 5’8, I was worried about it fitting me properly but it was no problem. I decided not to keep it only because I’m not sure how much I would wear it. It is super cute though. I wore a kimono I previously owned but you could wear it with a cardigan or a denim jacket.

Skies are blue- Reba cotton knit skirt $44
The last item I received is this skirt. It is so soft and stretchy. I paired it with the lemon top I received, I love to mix patterns. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. You can dress this skirt up or down for a night out, a day at the office or just out and about. I didn’t keep this skirt because honestly I don’t wear skirts that often, maybe once in a while to work.

So that’s my August review of Stitch Fix and the items I received. My stylist did a great job matching items to my style. If you decide not to keep all the items, you can return them for free with the enclosed envelope that is prepaid. It’s so easy to do or if you decide to keep all the items, you will receive 25% off your total.
If you’re looking to give a gift that they would love, Stitch Fix offers gift cards. They are actual cards or it can be emailed to that special someone. Here is the link to mail the gift card:  gift card mail. Link to email the gift card:  gift card email .   Link to print your gift card at home: gift card print at home.
Take a look at my Pinterest board for more Stitch Fix reviews and clothing ideas. Here is the link: Pinterest .
I hope you enjoyed this review. Give Stitch Fix a try, you won’t be disappointed! Here is my link to try it out: Stitch Fix referral link.
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