Stitch Fix review February 2019

Stitch Fix review February 2019

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It’s February and there are a lot of exciting things going on this month! Valentine’s Day, winter break (for the kids) and my son’s birthday! It’s also been really cold lately here in NJ!

This month my usual stylist wasn’t available so I was excited to see what another stylist sent to me. I also was bummed because I think my old stylist got to know my taste. I will definitely give the new one a chance.

I will get into the items shortly but let me explain to the people who don’t know what Stitch Fix is about it first. If you already know about it, scroll down to see the items I received.

Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription mail order for clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. You get 5 items in each box. You set up your personal profile and customize it to your liking. It’s like Christmas in a box every month!! I can’t wait for that brown box to arrive with the Stitch Fix tape on it. I get an email that it shipped out and I track it when it should arrive. Usually in 3 days or less.

Once it arrives, I open the box and get a price sheet with the description of each item. I also get a card which shows each item I received, how to wear it and a personal note from my stylist.

Listed below is the style card I received for this fix. Now let’s get into what I received.

Andrew Marc – Gigi mixed media soft jacket $88

This jacket is so soft and comfy. It actually looks like a puffer vest when you look quickly! It’s a great jacket to dress up or down with. I decided not to keep it because I have a few puffer jackets.

Daniel Rainn Becru lace detail blouse $68

How cute is this lace blouse. I just love the color. It goes great with my booties! The top of the back has cute lace details too. Don’t mind the tag! 😉 I should of kept this one in hindsight, I just wasn’t thinking of spring clothes yet!

Market & Spruce – Reviera cable knit dolman pullover $58

Report Footwear – Drewe perforated bootie $65

I’m a huge fan of the color blue. This pullover and booties are so cute and colorful. The top is really comfy. I decided not to keep them because I do have a lot of blue items. What a bummer!

Blank NYC – Laura velveteen skinny jean – $78

Talk about a cool looking jean, well here you have it. The velvet is super soft and what a great color. Now I wish I would of kept these too. My new stylist this month really understood what I like.

That is my February review of Stitch Fix and the items I received. Since I liked a few items that I returned, I can always ask for them again, if they are available.

If you decide not to keep all the items, you can return them for free with the enclosed envelope that is prepaid. It’s so easy to do or if you decide to keep all the items, you will receive 25% off your total.

If you’re looking to give a gift that someone would love, Stitch Fix offers gift cards. They are actual cards or it can be emailed to that special someone. Here is the link to mail the gift card:  gift card mail. Link to email the gift card:  gift card email .   Link to print your gift card at home: gift card print at home.

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I hope you enjoyed this review. Give Stitch Fix a try, you won’t be disappointed! Here is my link to try it out: Stitch Fix referral link.

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    Love those velveteen skinnies. What a pretty color! I’m sure you had a tough time deciowhat to keep!

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